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Download Forms

Welcome to our download page. Here you can access the forms we use in our office.

All of our forms use the “.PDF” file format so that they can work on all computer platforms – Windows, Mac, Android, it should work on them all. Most people who use a computer frequently will most likely be able to just open the forms online. This is because they usually already have the plugin needed to view them.

If you need to download or install the software to open, view and even enter data into the form(s), we have listed several software companies that make their software (in this case, a pdf reader) available for free. While any of these below may work well for you, we suggest using the industry standard – Adobe Reader DC. However, feel free to choose whichever reader program you like.

If you prefer not to download, view, or enter data on your computer (perhaps you are on a public computer like at the city library) you are still welcome to stop by our office and either pick up a copy and take it home to complete or even finish completing the forms while you’re there.


Forms For Download

Below are forms that we use in our office.

The New Member Packet is for those just getting started with us. It contains most of the forms that you’ll need to complete. We suggest that you sign the forms in person at our office.

Download the New Member Packet (all 3 forms)

Download the Patient Consent Form

Download the Patient Service Agreement

Download the Privacy Notice

PDF Reader Software

Listed here are several companies that offer their pdf reader software for free. As mentioned above, we suggest using the industry standard software from Adobe. (Adobe Reader DC is the latest version.)

Adobe Reader is free. Adobe Reader is available for both Windows and Mac Os. However be careful before hitting the download button. Unless you want extras, uncheck the two boxes in the middle section.
Take me to get Adobe Reader DC

Windows-Based Programs:

Foxit offers a free reader program from its’ various programs.
Select the Foxit Reader option, choose your language and begin the download.
Take me to the Foxit Readers download page.

Tracker Software Products offers PDF-XChange Editor. A free version is available is a classic free reader that has been overhauled for the Windows 10 environment.
Take me to the PDF-XChange Editor download page.

Mac OS X Based Programs:
While many Mac owners have Preview – a built-in application of Mac, you may want a better or more powerful environment. Below are a few free programs for Mac owners.

iSkysoft offers a free PDF Editor for Mac OS X. (They also have a Windows version.)
Take me to the download page for iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Pro

Softpedia (along with a host of other sites) offers a collection of pdf reader downloads available in one place. To start, click the operating system at the top, then, type “pdf reader” in the search bar, hit enter and a list of reader options populates the page.
Take me to the Softpedia website.